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Thailand II - Chiang Mai

Location: Chiang Mai, Thailand

We flew from Laos to Chiang Mai in Thailand to get some more time in Thailand, particularly in the north where we have not really ventured so far. In Chiang Mai we did plenty of activities, the first being a Hilltribe Trek in the jungle

3 Jun 2006, 1:54PM

The countryside at the start of our trek, with farming land in the forefront of the picture & jungle behind it.

1 Jan 1980, 12:01AM

First stop, a lovely limestone waterfall that we traversed & climed up

1 Jan 1980, 12:00AM

...our elephant looked the healthiest out of the bunch & set off a fast p[ace from the others

3 Jun 2006, 4:31PM

After our trek we spent the last 1.5 hours on an elephant

1 Jan 1980, 12:00AM

In the morning the villagers we stayed with set out stalls for us to buy some handicrafts from them.

1 Jan 1980, 12:00AM

Local kids performed tradiational 'Burmese' dances for us after our meal in the evening!

1 Jan 1980, 12:00AM

The locals accomodation was the same as ours... check out the girl in the middle having her nits picked out of her hair by her mother??

1 Jan 1980, 12:00AM

Tasha stands outside our 'dorm accomodation' we shared with the other 5 people on the trek

1 Jan 1980, 12:00AM

A picture of the village where we stay on our trek in the hills of Thailand

1 Jan 1980, 12:00AM

I bought us ice creams from this man, who randomly passed on his mobile cart! I can now say i bought ice-creams in the Thai jungle

1 Jan 1980, 12:00AM

I temporarily stuck my BIG OAR in to try to steer the bamboo raft down the river

1 Jan 1980, 12:00AM

At the end of the second patrt of our trek we got a bamboo raft back towards Chiang Mai