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Activites in Chiang Mai

Location: Chiang Mai, Thailand

here we are enjoying some of the many courses you can have a go at in Chiang we were all 'templed out' by this time in SE Asia. We did a cookery course together, Tasha then did a Thai Massage course & Emma & myself did a Thai Boxing course!! THESE PHOTO'S ARE OUT OF SYNC SO SORRY FOR THAT!

6 Jun 2006, 12:49AM

On the lash with our drunken landlady from our hostel, Nina, who was the first Thai lady to take a shine to Rob on the left!

5 Jun 2006, 12:49PM

Here are the team from 'Can't cook at home, Can now cook Thai food'

6 Jun 2006, 10:44AM

Always keep the guard up... or the trainer hits you to remind you!

6 Jun 2006, 10:44AM

KING OF THE RING! Look at those slick moves as I prepare to unleash that jab...

6 Jun 2006, 10:45AM

Pads on for protection....not that he needed them too much with my pathetic kicks!

6 Jun 2006, 10:45AM

he's down but not out....the trainer takes a breather as he rearranges his 'meat n 2 veg'...

5 Jun 2006, 11:43AM

I'm deep into cooking my fav Thai dish, Pad Thai

5 Jun 2006, 10:03AM

The lady who taught us to cook, Nooki on the right. On the left is Yeow, the cookery assistant who Rob fell for when he did the course after she said "Rob lub u long time?" to him! He's

5 Jun 2006, 1:50PM

the best bit about the cookery course was you got to eat what you made...if it tashed nice which ours did of course!!

5 Jun 2006, 12:36PM

Emma & Tasha prepare to cook another dish.

8 Jun 2006, 7:52PM

Thai Massage expert Miss Gunner practices her newly refind skills on me after she finished her course.

5 Jun 2006, 2:46PM

Tasha's 'Thai Chicken Curry' which she cooked....and has eaten most days around SE Asia.