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Location: Goa, India

Goa is a notorious 'hippy city' & it proved a much welcome chilled time for all us. We visited many churches & had a bit of beach time with Dad G getting his white socks & sandals out in the midday sun. Although Hindu is the main religion in India, 15% of the population in Goa are christian due its late independance & colonial rule of Portugal.

1 Jan 1980, 12:00AM

The 1606 church Basilica of Bom Jesus, the oldest church & most spectacular of the ones in Goa

1 Jan 1980, 12:00AM

The Gunners enjoy a photo shoot in front of the train we travelled down to Goa from Mumbai over night.

1 Jan 1980, 12:00AM

"It's f#cking monsoon season" Neil screamed as the Gunner tried to find a nice restaurant! As you can see the Gunners were all kitted out in their poncho's, looking very stylish, and they impressed the local roadworker with their fashion sense!!!!!

1 Jan 1980, 12:00AM

On your right you have The Church of St Francis of Assisi

1 Jan 1980, 12:00AM

Dad G gets caught by a local crazy man who wants to show him his bullocks...or we hope thats what he said?

1 Jan 1980, 12:00AM

Dad G hits the beach with avengance....and white socks & sandals too?