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Gunner "disneyland"?

Location: Delhi, India

Dad G wanted to visit the Delhi railway museum during his trip to India in Delhi to fulfil an ambition as a 'spotter. Tasha was happy to see Dad G springing round the engines like a happy child, as she put it, in "his own little Disneyland". However, tradegy was to strike & Dad G was to be springing no more after he fell into a hole between two trains. Luckily we were able to push him round in a wheel chair so he could still enjoy his day out in "his Disneyland"!! Those who feel sorry for old people with disabilites may wish to look away now.....

1 Jan 1980, 12:00AM

Look how happy Dad G is as he poses in front of a train with polite wording on it?

1 Jan 1980, 12:00AM

Dad G looking proud & happy in one of the many engine cabs on display

20 Jun 2006, 11:34AM

The happy 'spotters' pose in front of a nice carridge at the museum

20 Jun 2006, 11:11AM Dad G looks on at some small engines while Miss 'spotter' II Gunner takes down some numbers for him...

1 Jan 1980, 12:00AM cute is this? Daughter dutifully pushing her injured papa round in his wheelchair so he can look at the train engines in the rain!!!! That poncho cames in handy again for Miss 'fashion guru' Gunner.

20 Jun 2006, 10:31AM

The dreaded hole Dad G slipped into & tore his ligaments?

1 Jan 1980, 12:00AM

The next day Dad G visits a Dr, gets some strapping, plenty of pills to pop inside him & a leg support. Tasha is on hand to hold his x-ray results as our guide hides under his cap in case the taxman recognises him....