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Agra and Delhi in a day!

Location: Agra and Delhi, India

Although our time in Agra was pure 'agro' we did see some amazing sights. We also made a valient attempt to see 'delhi in a Day' upon our return from Agra.

Agra Fort was by far more beautiful than Delhi Fort & made of local soft marble

The spectacular Sikandra Mausoleum where the man who built the Taj Mahal was burried

The courthouse of Fatehpur Sikri was use by the King to give out some justice & meet his ministers. Each minister sat by a pillar & only the king could see all the ministers from his seat, enabling him to keep a watchful eye on them.

If you look carefully you can see the how close the fort was to the Taj Mahal, seen from the balcony of the fort in this picture.

The King who had the Fatehpur Sikri built was very short indeed. Only people who were very short indeed could walk through the doorways without bumping their heads. See example above

Dad G admires his photo's of his adventure in India so far.....with his eyes shut?

Many royal subjects were burried here & you can see the tombs at the front of this shot, with the magnificent entrance to the Fatehpur Sikri in the rear of the photo.

The Fatehpur Sikri was a very articulate structure...but the water surrounding this meeting points for the queens left a bit to be desired

Delhi - Guess where I've just been?

"Tell me young man, do I look silly in my new Indian skirt as I've heard David Beckham wears them?"

A classic Ambassador car left over from the colonial period, which are still much in use in Delhi...older the Dad G's Ford Escort he had recently taken to the scrap heap

Delhi - India Gate, a hang out for locals & popular on this day due to the drop in a low 36oC! It was built to celebrate the British leaving India in 1947. Tasha wanted one built to celebrate when she left India too I think!! .