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Location: Jaipur, India

Along with Goa, one of the best places we have visited in India was Jaipur

A fantastic name for this bus company considering the age of the driver, happily posing in front of his bus! When I asked to see his driving licence he started crying & told me he'd tell his mum I was picking on him when he finshed his last drop off of the day.

Look how tight they are in India...they try & charge you for turning left!

The Palace of the Winds in the Pink City of Jaipur

The view from the Palace shows a temple (left), meterologocial building(centre) & a palace (right) in the distance close together within the Pink City

The Gunners pose inside the Palace of the Winds.

The Gunners pose besides the sign for Aries in the scientific building used to predict the weather, peoples lives through star signs....a kind of early Mystic Meg made of stone.

A good looking bald chap wanders into view through one of the 593 windows in the Palace

A turban headed short arse stands next to tasha to make her look very tall.

A typical scene in India of the holy cow wandering the streets from our taxi..nobody dare touch the holy cows as they are sacred animals...and don't they know it.

The peacock gate inside the Palace court yard