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nepal - Katmandu

Location: Katmandu, Nepal

After a slow start to our adventures in Nepal we finally made it outside the hospital ward to visit Durbar Square, Panta Durbar Square & Pashupatin where we witnessed a cremation by a temple & the holy river.

The main Durbar Square in central Katmandu as locals go about their business

Another Gunner is iill/injured!! Here you have the patient attached to her drip in her no-luxury no mod-cons hospital ward. She was in bed No.7......

Here we meet a 'holy man' who hangs around durbar square waiting for tourists to have their picture taken with a crazy looking man...& we arrive right on cue.

This is the main 'palace' in Durbar Square with carvings of hindu gods & the karma sutra on the outside of it.

Pantan Durbar Square, with its main palaces on show.

The view from monkey temple of Katmandu, the mountains & the shadow of rain covering it.

Tasha & Emma stand in front of a paryer bell used to let the gods know you are there & below are five prayer wheels buddhists roll as they navigate their way round the temple.

The security guard calls for back up after a slow short legged guest in the temple reports a tortoise!

Pashupatin - The holy temple is to the right, white in colour, & the holy river passes through it. The ghats on the right are reserved for rich people & important religos people cremations.

Patan washing day! The locals are doing their washing or washing themselves!

Freaky picture! On the concrete ghat on the right lies the open body of the next cremation covered in tradiational orange sheet. To the right of the ghat on the steps, local lads sift through the water to find jewellery that might have been washed down stream from the higher class cremations further up passed the bride you can see in picture no.10. The ghat on the left is ready with wood for a second cremation.

Pashupatine - the holy temple court yard where only Hindus were allowed in.