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Kathmandu Valley / Pokhara

Location: Kathmandu Valley & Pokhara, Nepal

Here we are again...treking at last in the Kathmandu Valley after Miss Gunners illness. the last few pictures are of Pokhara, the second biggest city in Nepal

1 Jan 1980, 12:00AM

Bodhnath temple lies 6km from Thamel in Kathmandua and is the largest stupa in Nepal & in the world. It is also the religous centre for Nepals large Tibetan population.

1 Jan 1980, 12:00AM

The Karma Sutra is carved in many Nepalese temples to be used as 'educational' for the people as sex is a taboo subject here. I'm not sure what the chap behind is trying to achieve but I guess you can look it up in your karma sutra books at home.

7 Jul 2006, 12:04PM

View of the amazing agricultural terracing in the Kathmandu Valley

7 Jul 2006, 10:49AM

As you can see Miss 'treker' Gunner stops gingerly in the middle of the river to take her shoes & socks off so her tootsies don't get wet while the locals walk on by up to their knees in cool hard are they?

8 Jul 2006, 1:32PM

The narrow streets of the village we visited on our trek through the valley.

8 Jul 2006, 11:48AM

It was a long day for Miss Gunner on day 2 of our trek after spending 4 days in hospital with nowt inside her but she kept "smiling" through it...

10 Jul 2006, 1:56PM

The nice but cloudy lake of Pokhara.

10 Jul 2006, 1:55PM

Pokhara - we were so lazy we hired this spiritely lady to row us round the beautiful lake in Pokhara. She tried her best to ruin the romance by gobbing phlem in the lake every 2 minutes but we refused to let her take the moment from us!!