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Ayres Rock!

Location: Ayres Rock, Australia

The main feature of our tour into the 'red centre' of Australia was to see Ayres Rock & it was a pretty amazing time for us. The rock is facinating & the aboriginal stories told about it to their people are mystical.

24 Feb 2006, 11:49AM

The aboriginals used 'rock paintings' to tell each other roues across Australia. They would show differen tribes who read them where to find water & how to navigate themselves across the hard desert.

24 Feb 2006, 10:44AM

A veiw of 'The Olgas'...or Kata Tjuta from a platform near Ayres Rock

24 Feb 2006, 12:09PM

A sacred area of ayres rock, where tribes can shelter from the elements for discussions in groups

24 Feb 2006, 12:04PM

Tasha 'surfs' a huge rock wave that has been erroded by the harsh wind & rain of the desert on Ayres Rock

24 Feb 2006, 6:26PM

Aborginals tell a tale about the shape of the rock & the black 'trails' from it down to the ground are associated with a man who tried to betray his people & suffered the consequences

24 Feb 2006, 5:48PM

Tasha holds a 'Thorny Devil' in her hand. Thorny Devils are rarely seen in the bush. They are so well camoflagued you cannot see their eyes & their back is shaped so that water runs off it into their mouths & not the ground. They have a spikey back to protect it from prediators & a 'trick head' near their real head. If a bird swoops down to attack them they will pick up the 'trick head' & it will be pulled off with no adverse effects, leaving the Thorny Devil time to escape