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*NEW* Monkey Mia

Location: Monkey Mia, Australia

As Tasha so eliquaintly put it "why is it called Monkey Mia when there are no monkeys here...just dolphins?"....another one of her questions the guide simply had no answer too!! Here at Monkey Mia we waited by the shore as dolphins swam into where we were & then swam up and down by our feet!

3 Mar 2006, 11:11AM

A dolphin glides by our feet!

3 Mar 2006, 11:05AM

Two dolphins having fun on the sea shore

3 Mar 2006, 1:45PM

A small Island off the coast...where sharks are reknown for swimming.

3 Mar 2006, 11:15AM

A Canadian girl, Megan, from our group is selected to feed one of the dolphin a fish

23 Feb 2006, 7:55AM

Sun rises over a canyon...almost!

22 Feb 2006, 11:34AM

The 'red rock' of Australia in the outback

13 Mar 2006, 12:08PM

Got caught with my breats out on the last night with the 2 english girls in our I covered up with my tshirt as a makeshift boob tube!

13 Mar 2006, 11:55AM

Our group by Eagles Bluff lookout point...

13 Mar 2006, 12:07PM

Our guide 'Freckle' rubs after sun into Stu's back! This poor Scottish lad got burnt everyday even with SPF 40+ on! Anyone would think they'd never seen the sun in Scotland?!?!?!

13 Mar 2006, 12:07PM

Some of group return from their snorkeling trip

13 Mar 2006, 12:04PM

A typical day on the bus....everyone sleeping off the beer & Inga on the right of the picture wide awake!!