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Perth & Bustleton

Location: Perth, Australia

Check out the pics of us in the SPA!!! (not naked so you can still eat & look at the same time!) We stopped off at a wldlife sanctuary on the way back from Exmouth on the west coast & then headed down the south west coast from Perth with Emma & Kelly

9 Mar 2006, 10:45AM

"Ohh no..." our accomodation on the farm stay on the way back to Perth looked very dodgy!

7 Mar 2006, 3:23PM

Tasha is all tanked up on her way back from diving on the Ningaloo Reef

9 Mar 2006, 1:28PM

Surrounded by kangeroos in the wildlife sanctuary...

9 Mar 2006, 1:14PM

Check out the crazy bird? (that's the emu on the right by the way!)

9 Mar 2006, 1:43PM

A slimey creature...(that's the onecrawling round the wrist & not the one wearing the cap by the way!)

9 Mar 2006, 1:33PM

Tasha's favourite roo was very friendly but he woudn't fit in her backpack so we couldn't take him with us?

9 Mar 2006, 1:48PM

Then he starts to move....

9 Mar 2006, 1:47PM

Miss 'Steve Ervin' Gunner handles the snake like a professional...

12 Mar 2006, 6:53PM

The 2km jetty at Bustleton!! Tasha, Emma & Kelly.... block the whole jetty!

9 Mar 2006, 1:59PM

Grandma, the only potential swap for Tasha I've had in Australia & he was past his prime so I'll hold out for better offers in SE Asia?

13 Mar 2006, 1:40AM

...and not to be out done on the bubbles front! I think that look in my eye is due to a well placed 'jet' firing right up my...

13 Mar 2006, 1:25AM

It's sure luxury in the Spa at our high class resort appartment in Canal Rocks..