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Commonwealth Games

Location: Melbourne, Australia

You may have cursed the cheating Aussie's as they steal our gold medal in the 4 x 400m girls relay by 'whinging' to the ref at home on the cheer yourself up now the dust has settled with pictures of our experiences at the Games.

20 Mar 2006, 5:27PM

One of the outside stages near the main stadiums where we watched Micheal McGuire & his band from N Ireland...they were excellent.

20 Mar 2006, 5:24PM

Here I am celebrating Reading FC's promotion to the Premier League withe my "Sonko is Superman" tshirt in the Alexandra Gardens!!! Come on UuuuR's!!

20 Mar 2006, 7:38PM

NOT an aussie medal ceremony...shame?!

20 Mar 2006, 7:24PM

A triple axel is performed in the Rod Laver Areana at our night watching the gymnastics...

20 Mar 2006, 9:44PM

Hard work on the rings as the fella prepares to spin his little heart out before performing his landing.

20 Mar 2006, 8:20PM

The flags are raised (thats' the aussie on the right in bronze position) & England won a Gold in the womens vault....Go Team England, as thy say?

23 Mar 2006, 5:56PM

Mike from Germany decides England will probably win the World Cup this summer and immediately signs up to follow Beckham & the Boys this summer....Good work fella!

20 Mar 2006, 10:13PM

The River Yarrah looks amazing as the fish used in the opening ceremony are lit up for the nightly performance, we watched on the way back from the Gymnastics

23 Mar 2006, 6:43PM

The magnificent 'G' stadium, as my mate Billy would say. It's a very impressive sight with 83,000 people in it too!

23 Mar 2006, 5:57PM

The gang all meet up before we go to the 'G' to watch the athletics. (left to right); Ally, Sarah & Ric (with cap), Emma C (back right), Kelly & Miss Gunner all with beers in hand.

23 Mar 2006, 8:36PM

The high jump was very near to where we were sitting & we had a great view of the womens final.

23 Mar 2006, 7:16PM

Completion of the Mens 200m final.