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The eacott Household!

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Here is a family portrait of our friends we stayed with in melbourne! I knew Billy & Linda from their time in England when I worked with Billy in Henley-On-Thames & visited them last in 1997 when they were young free & child-less. It was the icing on the cake of my time in Australia to meet up with them again after years of non-contact & see how they have being living & growing into a wicked little family with 2 young boys, Darcy & Lucus. We all had a good time in Kitchener Street & Tasha enjoyed hearing Billy farting on the couch in front of the telly in the evenings as her & Linda chatted over a few...bottles of wine!!

17 Mar 2006, 3:33PM

This is Trevor...he has a fang tooth sticking out of his mouth! He is named after one of Billy's mates dads who also has ...dodgy teeth like Trev the cat does!

17 Mar 2006, 2:58PM

This is Richo the cat...named after Billy's Aussie Football team Richmond Tigers!

26 Mar 2006, 12:54PM

Here we have Darcy enjoying a bite to eat in the sun with his Thomas the Tank Engine hat on....before he shoved it down the drain of the water fountain in the Botanical Gardens. He's a little mischievous when he tries but took a liking to Tasha.

26 Mar 2006, 12:54PM

This is little Lucas..looking all cute in his stroller.

26 Mar 2006, 1:07PM

Just like Dad, the Eacott Boys move in to dismantle a dam two other boys were making to stop the water flowing through the fountain in the Botanical Garden...Lucas walked through their dam just after this shot & looked ever so pleased with himself.

26 Mar 2006, 1:02PM

Lucas discovers how much fun it is to run up & down a hill when your 19 months old

18 Jan 2006, 8:22PM

The Eacott Family on the family sofa...

26 Mar 2006, 1:31PM

The gang of us who went to see the Mens Cycle Race at the Commonwealth Games.

21 Jan 2006, 12:56PM

The Eacott household..mainly for my mum & dad to nose at!

19 Jan 2006, 11:58AM

Our day out at the local swimming pool with Darcy practicing on his noodle in the pool.

18 Jan 2006, 8:23PM

The Eacott Boys wrestling on the couch together...soon they will kicking Dads fat a#se!!!