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Oxegen '06 (2)

Location: UK

9 Jul 2006, 11:57AM

I conquered the campsite woo hoo!!! Mission Accomplished. (I actually heard Aussies all night long - we are a very loud obnoxious lot sometimes!! But great fun so who can really complain???)

8 Jul 2006, 6:00PM

Not our tent - phew!!

9 Jul 2006, 2:37PM

My hero. Xavier Rudd. Played the best out of everyone in the whole festival. Was really an emotional set and felt like a full on hippy. Im goin to see him in Edinburgh in August Woo hoo!! He is playin with Micheal Franti.

9 Jul 2006, 12:15PM

Hangin in the tent with the girls.

9 Jul 2006, 5:05PM

"D'you want to go to the sea side??" =D

9 Jul 2006, 5:04PM

The Kooks rocked the stage. "Jackie big tits" was a fav.

9 Jul 2006, 5:41PM

I rocked out to the Zutons, on my own but very very happy!!!

9 Jul 2006, 5:38PM

"I've got the Zuton feelin...." The Zutons were my 2nd favorite, then the Kooks.

9 Jul 2006, 7:39PM

Main stage.

9 Jul 2006, 7:25PM

This is the Green tent. didnt go in but took great photos of it.