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Xavier Rudd @ Oxegen

Location: UK

Remember Dan, Zoe, Nat G, Xav, Sarah, Chezza??? Remember the Espy and Xavier and the Hum???
Life was fun back in the Uni days. The days of gluttony and cigarettes and general roudiness... Well I could not contain my excitement when Xavier Rudd was playing. I made sure I had front row standing position and made sure I cheered like mad!!

This is his amazing set-up. He is a one man band but so much more. Digeridoos, harmonicas, guitar, chimes, drums, bongos, and amazing sounds from the combination. Created a powerful feeling from the crowd. Also, made me really proud to be Australian, especially with the Aboriginal flag which you may not be able to see in the back ground.

Appreciating the giraffe that was floating around in the crowd.

Thank god Cathy had the brains to ask for a photo - she is a teacher so that might explain it. She has had the privelege also of seeing Xavier Rudd in action before. He came down and talked with the crowd after and was really pumped that we all enjoyed it so much. His wife looked really lovely too, and I hear he has a few chillun around. It just makes him more likeable that he is a family man too!! Think Ill order his album on the net.

This is Cathy. We bonded at Xavier Rudd. She is from Margaret River, WA. Legend.