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Birthday party in London 07/06

Location: London, Northwood, UK

It was Mike's 50th and Lydia's 18th celebration on Sunday at Northwood in London. (Rob's Uncle and Rob's cousin, respectively). We drove down from the North on Saturday and stayed at Ed's place. Then on Sunday we went for a lovely lunch in Mike and Sue's garden. Twas a beautiful day.

23 Jul 2006, 3:10PM

John far right. Then John's brother Ian and then Ian's daughter Helen.

23 Jul 2006, 3:10PM

Rob and another cousin Clair, who has just got back from Australia actually.

23 Jul 2006, 3:23PM

Look closely... It is a chocolate fountain. There are little oompa-loompas running around in there making the chocolate nice and smooth so we can dip our marshmallows or strawberries in the hot goo and stuff ourselves... Was so delicious.

23 Jul 2006, 3:10PM

This house is a temporary house as Mike and Sue are building a beautiful home on a big property somewhere nearby. (I think it will definately be beautiful. Mike and Sue are quite artistic)

23 Jul 2006, 4:24PM

23 Jul 2006, 4:24PM

23 Jul 2006, 4:51PM

This is Lydia. She is waiting for her end of year results so that she can get into Oxford as a musician (singer). Hopefully will be seeing her at the festival in Edinburgh.

23 Jul 2006, 4:24PM

24 Jul 2006, 3:35PM

... Evil Bobbo. Planning his next cull...

24 Jul 2006, 3:34PM

Bobbo workin in the garden today. Looks all innocent and even nice....

24 Jul 2006, 5:51PM

Silly Bobbo. Self taken of course.

24 Jul 2006, 3:42PM