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EdFringe Festival

Location: Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

Sunday 13/08 at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. More photos to follow later...

12 Aug 2006, 2:54PM

Start of a parade to Boycott Israeli goods.

12 Aug 2006, 2:26PM

The Royal Mile

12 Aug 2006, 5:11PM

Claire, Hilary and Me.

12 Aug 2006, 5:10PM

Dave lookin the goods.

12 Aug 2006, 9:45PM

Hilary and John.

12 Aug 2006, 9:45PM

Me and Rob.

13 Aug 2006, 6:39PM

Liz and I saw a great street show this afternoon.

13 Aug 2006, 6:38PM

That's the Edinburgh Castle in the background.

12 Aug 2006, 2:26PM

Edinburgh is a fantastic city.

13 Aug 2006, 6:39PM

One of many crazy loons you can see while you are here.