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Location: Edinburgh, UK

Out of the whole month they are here; the guys only have one day off from their shows. So Caviar and Chips and Painters took the day off. Which meant Rob and I went on a little trip outside of the city to Leith - a smaller sea side town. I took my bathers but didnt go for a swim (I know - just didnt want to!). But we found some stuff to do...

14 Aug 2006, 3:50PM

14 Aug 2006, 3:50PM

The tide was comin in.

14 Aug 2006, 4:08PM

Rob is such a little kid. It was his idea to make a ship in the sand because we had just seen the Brittania. It is now just used as display, but it was the Queen's boat whenever she wanted to get out on the ocean and sail the world and stuff. It looked like a lovely boat with floral curtains and stuff. Not really jazzy but just a nice boat.

14 Aug 2006, 4:07PM

This is Kate Winslet on the top of the Titanic.."Im the king of the world!!!" I starting singing My Heart will Go On and On....

14 Aug 2006, 4:09PM

Yes! That's it - I've done it! All Aboard! This ship is not set to sail! (At least we know Kate Winslet is on board).

14 Aug 2006, 4:08PM

Hmm... If my calculations are correct I only need 2 more inches to cover the rest of this semi-circle....

14 Aug 2006, 4:11PM

A lovely day at the sea side. Then we got some fantastic fish and chips and went and ate them in the sunshine by a small river. The end.

14 Aug 2006, 4:10PM

There it goes.. I did the waves and Kate on deck. Rob pretty much did the rest. Oh, and I did the birds in the sky.