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Location: Coleraine, UK

I went wakeboarding first at a place called Craigavon one Saturday, and the next Saturday I went up North to a place called Coleraine. Craigavon was lovely but not really set up for wakeboarding - more for wind surfing. But the team of people in Coleraine were well set up, and I had a lovely day...

30 Jul 2006, 2:40PM

This is the only decent photo of me for that day. It was a good day but the weather turned nasty just as I went out and started to rain so it was stinging my face!

30 Jul 2006, 2:14PM

This is the Craigavon Water Sports Centre. Was cool.

5 Aug 2006, 12:56PM

This is one of the SKi Nautiques that Nick and the crew use.

5 Aug 2006, 12:56PM

The River Bann. If you go back to my blog the day after I went here you will know what I mean about how the river makes you feel.

5 Aug 2006, 1:37PM

This is Peter Stewart. He is Ireland No1 wakeboarder, as you can see why. Ill try and put a video up.

5 Aug 2006, 1:28PM

This wee guy got up later on and showed us a thing or too!

5 Aug 2006, 3:28PM

I like this shot the best.

5 Aug 2006, 2:09PM

This is little ole me. I was tryin my heart out to do a 180. But to no avail. But no matter because I was havin fun.

5 Aug 2006, 3:43PM

This boat is their fav at the moment - they got to custom pick the colours andall that.

5 Aug 2006, 3:28PM

5 Aug 2006, 2:09PM

5 Aug 2006, 1:29PM

Upside-down! Upside-down! (For any Mr Squiggle fan's you will know what I mean)