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Belfast and Misc

Location: Belfast, UK

These are a few pics that I have been meaning to put up for ages.

4 Aug 2006, 11:12PM

Me, Melanie, random African guy and Britta.

6 Aug 2006, 9:37PM


6 Aug 2006, 1:29PM

Aliesha and Melissa at a pub for Sunday lunch.

8 Aug 2006, 11:15AM

My new doona cover.

14 Jul 2006, 3:31PM

My Recovery Room, Paz and Maeve.

12 Jul 2006, 4:57PM

Dan when she was in Belfast the first time!

22 Jul 2006, 10:41PM

In London having dinner with Simone, Louise and Rob. (Im going to NYC with Simone and Lou!!)

16 Jul 2006, 12:02PM

The car-boot sale. Dave, Rob and Flo.