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New York! New York!!

Location: Manhattan, USA

13 Oct 2006, 1:58PM

Me and Lou.

13 Oct 2006, 1:58PM

Our lovely apartment!! Was huge - albeit we did pay a fair bit in pound for it... ;)

13 Oct 2006, 11:39PM

At the New York Knicks Game!!!! Was a great game. We were feeling the ill-effects of the jetlag at the end though...

13 Oct 2006, 6:02PM

Simone and I the first day we went to the Empire State Building.. The line was too long to get to the observation deck so we hiked out of there and went in search of Soho instead!

14 Oct 2006, 2:56PM

On the subway. Which was a lot friendlier than the London Tube!!

14 Oct 2006, 12:02AM

Louise suggested we have a beer at the Basketball; who am I to say no??? (had my hair cut that day too-bit Sandra Sully)

14 Oct 2006, 7:08PM

Lou and Simone on the Staten Island Ferry. They were excellent navigators all trip.

14 Oct 2006, 3:16PM

Dont worry!! It was one of the photos that was at the World Trade Centre Site. (people told us not to bother going there but we did-mainly because there is a big designer warehouse shopping centre directly across the road from the site).

15 Oct 2006, 4:32PM

Lou and her pretzel.

14 Oct 2006, 7:14PM

There she is... The Statue of Liberty!!!

15 Oct 2006, 4:44PM

Central Park was great to relax in!!