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New Yoerk!

Location: Manhattan, USA

15 Oct 2006, 5:32PM

See?? Nothing... Was great.

15 Oct 2006, 5:01PM

Believe it or not we had a massive hangover and the park was great to do absolutely nothing!!

15 Oct 2006, 10:43PM

What is better for a hangover than a huge grease-dripping cheesy pizza?? Nothing!!!

15 Oct 2006, 8:36PM

Times Square. Wasnt that great - just a bit of road. But that's the Broadway area too. Which we saw Rent. Was different to what we expected, and we came to the conclusion that it was very dark...

16 Oct 2006, 3:57PM

See the city in the back ground? Was massive.

16 Oct 2006, 3:49PM

On the observation deck at Empire State Building. We finally got the balls to line up for it. It was worth it too.

17 Oct 2006, 2:12AM

The last night we met up with Lou's friend Amy who is living in Manhattan for a while from Sydney. We had a lovely meal there too!!

16 Oct 2006, 3:53PM

This is an excellent shot. Unofortunately I didnt take it. Simone did, and I all these pics on here so far have been from both Louise and Simone's cameras (I broke mine when I was pissed and borrowed Rob's but was an idiot and had it on the wrong setting so...)

13 Oct 2006, 1:04PM

Big yellow bus.

13 Oct 2006, 12:29PM

Back to the start - the first day Simone and I had authentic pancakes!! they were really good. With maple syrup!!!

15 Oct 2006, 2:50AM

Now, I think we were well and truly gone by this stage! Those tequila shots were enormous - it took two goes to down them!! Note we dont look that drunk - yet!!! More shots to follow of that night with Elin too, but they are on a different disk...