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Location: Vancouver, Canada

Okay, so I land in Vancouver, and go straight to Victoria, Vancouver Island. I partied there for about a month before heading off on the famous "moose tour" to Banff, Alberta.....another story!!!

My first night in Canada,
Victoria, Vancouver Island.
Extremely jetlagged and drunk.....suprise, suprise. ?? ( sorry ), myself, Keith and Brenda

Good 'ole Molson Canadian

The ferry over from Vancouver to the Island

The end of the night - not well kids, not well

Just a pretty view in Victoria

My first Hostel in Canada. Ocean Island Backpackers,,, too much fun

The Empress Hotel, Victoria Vancouver Island. Apparently it's sinking, but I'll get some facts before I start spreading that rumour

The bay on Vancouver Island

The wax museum, Victoria

Parliament House, Victoria

The famous bra from Big Bad Jon's bar. You are meant to leave your bra hangin from the ceiling, but I thought I would take one.. I KNOW!! So had to wear it for the rest of the night. It's still on display in the hostel bar, Ocean Island Backpackers

A night out with the girls. Jess, myself, and well sorry, but I can't remember her bad