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Ok well i had my graduation tonight and it was awesome! so much like off the movies lol i never thought it was actually like that but yeh trust me it is! but yes it was alot of fun, my school gave me a little present so i felt all loved and then we got to keep our hats so yeh thats sooo awesome!!

10 Jun 2006, 2:41AM

Me and my friends , julie and stephanie

10 Jun 2006, 12:51AM

"Welcome to the college charles-lemoyne's graduations ceremony

10 Jun 2006, 2:44AM

us 3 school best friends lol marie-eve, emilie and i

10 Jun 2006, 2:42AM

Me and Annika

10 Jun 2006, 7:32AM


10 Jun 2006, 2:57AM

Erika, Me, and Sandra

10 Jun 2006, 8:13AM

Me and Pat

10 Jun 2006, 8:46AM

Me and Michael (swiss)

10 Jun 2006, 8:13AM

Me and my certificates

10 Jun 2006, 7:32AM

yep i rock :P lol jks

10 Jun 2006, 8:10AM

throwing the hats in the air

10 Jun 2006, 8:12AM

pat and his best mate, mick