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Mt Tremblant

Photos from Mt Tremblant, It was a skiing trip that my family paid for! it was alot of fun! we had an awesome time

27 Dec 2005, 1:39AM

Me & Mio Tubeing

27 Dec 2005, 1:30AM

Tubeing..Everyone, aswell as my cousin Mat and his family

27 Dec 2005, 2:57AM

The Sliding Train...There was 8 of us

27 Dec 2005, 1:40AM

Pat lol

27 Dec 2005, 5:13AM

Mio, Mat & I in the outdoor spa, it was really cool, but also really cold when you got out lol

27 Dec 2005, 5:13AM

Mt Tremblant

28 Dec 2005, 12:49AM

Mt Tremblant Village

27 Dec 2005, 7:59AM

The Family (except cynthia) and Mat's Family!

28 Dec 2005, 4:19AM

Cyn, Mio & I ...ready to go snowboarding :P

28 Dec 2005, 12:51AM

Mt Tremblant Village

29 Dec 2005, 3:53AM

The aesome 4some lol

28 Dec 2005, 4:33AM

The Family in the spa