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Random Festival pics

Location: Eds, UK

MUSE! The stadium was absolutely packed! We had a great view and from our vantage point could see the crowd moshing!

The stage set up for My Chemical Romance...

Me, Becs & Jenn at Becs farewell drinks

More Muse.... the lighting and effects on stage were wicked.

Dusty somebody-or-other... he was a great show host and had a fantastic singing voice!

The Jenn's! Scottish Jen & Aussie Jenn waiting for a show to start

St Giles Cathedral on the Mile

Dusty & whatever-her-name-was....

Tehe 'The Pish Dolls'... Mutated Ken dolls (or similar), turned into some form of electronic puppets that are controlled by the man in the red shirt - and they totally rock out - it's hilarious!

2 men juggling fire in tutu's... last day of fesivities down the mile