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Sizimizele Disabled Centre

Location: UK

Here are some photos from Thursday 4th August when the group took the children from the disabled centre to the Plaza (shopping area). Wednesday 3rd I spent the morning at the centre in the children's classes. Commuinicating with disabled kids can be hard, try foreign language barrier on top! I worked with the kids filling in work sheets on numbers and shapes.

3 Aug 2005, 10:13PM

Sarah and her girl

3 Aug 2005, 9:35PM

Taking the disabled children round the shops at the 'Plaza'. Me and Sarah entertained the girls by putting knickers on our heads! Sweeping the floor in the supermarket and other silly things to make them laugh. The lady is their teacher.

4 Aug 2005, 9:08AM

Playing in the playground. KFC in the background - had my first ever KFC there!

4 Aug 2005, 8:59AM

Loved her - my girl Zenele

4 Aug 2005, 9:12AM

4 Aug 2005, 9:11AM

4 Aug 2005, 9:35AM

4 Aug 2005, 9:14AM

4 Aug 2005, 9:36AM