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Driekoppies 2

Location: UK

Care Walks - care workers sponsored/employed by Thembaletu Home Based Care are assigned sick patients to care for. We were given the opportunity to observe and meet the patients. Illnesses would range from AIDS/HIV to TB to eplisary. The care workers provide support to their patients and the families. They help around their home and account the needs of the patients. Unfortunately they can not always meet the needs of the patients. Food is limited, the patients receive food of maize (Pap) once a month. Medicine used to be brought to the patients, now the patients have to get to the centre, they are often too weak to move from the floor let alone walk to the centre! They literally have nothing! On the walks we were asked if we could help, ranging from blankets, food, money.

5 Aug 2005, 12:00PM

Care worker Grace with her child

5 Aug 2005, 11:54AM

Me and Sarah on care walk

5 Aug 2005, 12:30PM

Jon, Kris, Grace, Tim, Sarah

5 Aug 2005, 12:08PM

Grace's neighbours, the lady on her left is also her patient

5 Aug 2005, 12:55PM

Squezed in the back corner of Sally's car (4x4), extremely uncomfortable!

5 Aug 2005, 12:30PM

Jen and Grace

5 Aug 2005, 3:11PM

The kids colouring in Jen's pictures

5 Aug 2005, 1:59PM

Team Games - Electric Fence

5 Aug 2005, 3:12PM

Beautiful use of stickers kindly donated by Woking Libary (thanks to Sarah)

5 Aug 2005, 3:11PM

Hariet and orphan - yes Jen drew Shrek and Donkey adn dragon from Disney Mulan (in background)

5 Aug 2005, 3:15PM

Bundle! Yes its Jen in the middle

5 Aug 2005, 3:13PM

Can you recognise the dragon from a Disney film?