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Driekoppies cont & Time Off

More photos of our afternoons at Driekoppies. Photos of our time off in the evenings.

5 Aug 2005, 4:28PM

Watching the other kids performing

5 Aug 2005, 4:25PM

Hippos performing

5 Aug 2005, 4:34PM

Feeding the orphans with peanut butter bread - the kids went crazy for it! It often got very crazy handing out food as the kids often go without, they dont have the luxury like us - we have fridges and cupboards full of food, they're lucky to even have water.

5 Aug 2005, 4:33PM

Harriet and peanut butter bread.

30 Jul 2005, 5:30AM

The Team dressed to go out to a music festival. How silly are we! The scarfs were being used for blindfolds for the kids games, but that night we found an alternative use. Few days later after the music festival, the hall's roof fell in!

5 Aug 2005, 4:36PM

Cindy and Thembi

31 Jul 2005, 4:51AM

Jen and Sarah in the back of Graeme's 4x4 trying to wrap Jon's birthday presents whilst driving to the resturant. It was rather windy!

30 Jul 2005, 6:13AM

Tim, Jon, Harriet and Miriam hunting for the characters in a book like 'Where's Wally'

31 Jul 2005, 7:57AM

Simon and Harriet taking it easy at the hotel where the resturant

31 Jul 2005, 5:14AM

Keeping warm on the road

1 Aug 2005, 8:26PM

Anyone for cooking oil?

31 Jul 2005, 8:02AM

Jon adn Sarah pretending to have a drink at the hotel's bar