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3 Aug 2005, 6:37AM

7.37AM!!! Jenny filming the drama the team was delivering to this school. School in South Africa start with assembly at 7.15am! We felt like rock stars in front of hundreds, thousands of children.

1 Aug 2005, 10:29PM

Sarah and Harriet after being painted by some orphans at Thembalethu

23 Jul 2005, 4:36AM

Afternoon visit around Soweto Township (largest one in SA) in J'Berg on our first day. The girl in the middle is the oldest sister, Linda 16yrs old. She is the head of the family, caring for her 13yr old brother. They lost their mum in 2004. They do not receive any aid money from the Government as they are not from Soweto. Her home (shack) was immaculate.

4 Aug 2005, 5:22PM

Winnie from Good Hope

24 Jul 2005, 2:32AM

Braai (BBQ) at Graeme's family home with people from the church. We all tried Borewors (sausage).

24 Jul 2005, 12:22AM

First Sunday of trip (our 2nd day) - Out with the girls from the church in J'Berg.Whilst we were enjoying the yummy smoothies, the boys were playing touch rugby.

4 Aug 2005, 4:26PM

The Team with Thembi and Cindy.
Back Row: Simon, Jon, Kris, Graeme
Front Row: Miriam, Jen, Thembi, Harriet, Sarah, Cindy, Tim

24 Jul 2005, 3:57AM

Harriet holding Graeme's brother, Richard's pet!

25 Jul 2005, 12:02AM

Jon and Jen at fish resturant on the way to Thembalethu

24 Jul 2005, 7:06AM

Kirsty and Tarryn who us girls stayed with whilst in J'Berg

25 Jul 2005, 1:56AM

Graeme and Kris outside the caves on journey from J'Berg

25 Jul 2005, 12:39AM

Sarah and Jon seeing whose the tallest!