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Mix and Match

The first lot of photos are taken from our journey down from J'Berg to Shongwe

25 Jul 2005, 4:34AM

Jenny, Harriet and Sarah in the back of Sally's 4x4 on our long journey south

25 Jul 2005, 2:52AM

Walking down the cave side

23 Jul 2005, 11:39AM

Apartheid Museum in J'Berg

26 Jul 2005, 6:22AM


25 Jul 2005, 2:47PM

In the caves

23 Jul 2005, 11:38PM

Jen and Sarah being silly with our tourches

3 Aug 2005, 3:43PM

Harriet, Jen, Simon and Sarah at a lake in Shongwe

25 Jul 2005, 4:36PM

Sarah and Jon entertaining their selfs on the journey south

3 Aug 2005, 4:02PM

Kris and Miriam

3 Aug 2005, 4:02PM

Patrick from Thembalethu. Patrick's story: he escaped over the border during the fighting to refugue in Shongwe. Unfortunatley during his escape over the border, he electrocutied himself on the wire fence and lost his hand.

26 Jul 2005, 8:00PM

Orphans at Thembalethu