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First day at Thembalethu

Meeting the little orphans at Thembalethu Home Based Care centre during our trainig days.
Photos of Slyvester who is 18 years old and lives with just his younger brother. We helped take some new doors for their home as Slyvester was worried about safety as his old doors didnt fit and were hanging off the hinges. There home was immaculate, him and his brother share a single bed. They have no electricity, no toliet, no bathroom, no lounge. Just two rooms one with a bed and desk the other one was the kitchen. Slyvester proudly showed us his award certificates in table tennis, he studies business and maths. He really touched my heart by his positive character and energy for life. Made me appreciate the opportunity I had to go to university, have a family and roof over my head.

27 Jul 2005, 12:59AM

Orphans who attend a nursey at Thembalethu

26 Jul 2005, 11:58PM

Simon, Jon and Tim at Thembalethu centre during a break. They are sitting at a communal table made of mozic tiles.

27 Jul 2005, 1:03AM

Harriet and cute orphan - she was adorable! Again another cheeky one for hugs but you cant blame them when they dont have non stop affection.

27 Jul 2005, 1:02AM

Shap Shap (Cool) - the best way to communicate, stick your thumb up and shout "Shap Shap", the reaction of the kids is fantastic! The boy in front was very cheeky trying to get a hug from you even if you already had 2 orphans hanging off u and I mean hanging off you literally!

27 Jul 2005, 3:01AM

Graeme's lush 4x4 - the beast!

27 Jul 2005, 2:43AM

Slyvester and his old door.

27 Jul 2005, 7:22PM

Shap Shap. Notice the boy to the left wearing gloves, it was their winter whilst we were there! Although the weather was not cold for us!

27 Jul 2005, 3:08AM

Slyvester varnishing his new doors.

4 Aug 2005, 5:13AM

Patrica, Patrick's daughter.

3 Aug 2005, 5:12AM

Nickolous who is an orphan who lives with Sally. He loved James Blunt's song Beautiful and learnt from Jon how to play Coldplay. He is an awesome drawer.

26 Jul 2005, 11:03AM

Orphans - look at that smile!

26 Jul 2005, 11:01AM