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Thembalethu and Block B

Pictures of orphans from Thembalethu.
Block B (Last 2 pics) - The team ran an after school care session on the Friday 29th July and all day on Sunday 30th July. The team did crafts, sports, team games and singing with the children. The idea of the after school care was for us to show the type of activities the careworkers could lead to give the orphans more of a childhood and person skills. A memory that will never leave me is when we walked down with the orphans along the road, at one stage ot was just me and a big bunch of kids that we could not communicate easily. It was tough and they laughed at my efforts to say their names!
Jenny and Sarah taught the children some clapping games and they taught us some, at one stage we had a large circle with the team and the kids doing clapping (try getting english kids to do that, they would tell you to get a life and let them play on a playstation!). Sarah, Miriam and Jenny made rockets with the children, we were a sight on the walk back, us english lot with all these kids running around with these rocket crafts.

26 Jul 2005, 11:06AM


26 Jul 2005, 11:05AM

Harriet and cute orphan/

26 Jul 2005, 2:23PM

Harriet and Simon with Orphans

26 Jul 2005, 2:21PM


29 Jul 2005, 1:05AM

Block B Orphans

4 Aug 2005, 5:22PM

Simon and Winnie - Simon loved her, she was a fab girl with a sad story. Winnie is a rape victim, her and her brother Beggy left their home and walked to Sally's home for help and have been with Good Hope ever since.

29 Jul 2005, 2:47AM

Block B Orphans making rockets