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On the Road to Phnom Penh

Location: Cambodia

(LEFT) This local policeman was very keen to have his fifteen minutes and the shop owner and assorted kiddies were really funny. (RIGHT)

(LEFT) An old temple on the road to Phnom Penh. (RIGHT) The Abu Dhabi mosque in Phnom Penh. Seems like a white (pink) elephant.

Now she's crying and everyone in the stalls are laughing.

This girl got all shy when i started to take a picture. the Russian Market, PP.

Dove made of old guns. Built by Australia to commemorate the decomissioning of weapons and the ushering in of peace.

Guest house No.9 in PP where I stayed. Nice, cheap place on the lake. PP is a nice, relaxed city.

Guardhouse outside the Royal Palace in PP. A really nice part of town, predictably.

I can attest the the "herbs" are very happy indeed. Medium happy is sufficient!

Part of the old royal barge and (RIGHT) a lovely Buddha in the National Museum.