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The Killing Fields and South

Location: Cambodia

Phnom was nice and i expected to spend some relaxing time on the south coast of Cambo.

A lovely rickshaw and Angkor Beer truck on the PP Prom and (right), mural for a pool hall.

Kiddies and marbles. (LEFT) The sobering memorial to the 16000 or so dead at the killing fields. It's full of skulls.

Sunset at Kep, an abandoned tourist spot slowly rejuventaing.

Much needed cool drink heading south.

The King's palace at Kep, full of bullet holes courtesy of the Khmer Rouge. (RIGHT) On the boat from Kep to Rabbit Island.

Not much at all on Rabbit Island. Yes, not even bunnies. (RIGHT) Ghastly hotel at Sihanoukville.

The river bank at the 5th river I crossed en route to the Thai border. (LEFT) Stayed in a German's home floating on the river. CHEERS HANS! this is his Cambodian wife.