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Namib Desert

Location: Sosusslei, Namibia

fish river Canyon & the sand dunes around Sossusvlei

Dawn on Dune 45 - Namib Desert at Sossusvlei

Sunset at Fish River Canyon - confirmed that Pip was terrified of heights

Catch a falling sand cloud - it's really weird out here!


Dune running

Dune number 45 is 140m high (see the person at the top?)

Deadvlei - flooded & died about 1000 years ago. It is ~ 2km across and the dune in the top right is ~ 1200 ft high.

A 1000 year old petrified tree in a dead 'oasis'. namibia. The 3 tiny dots are people - to give spome perspective of the size of the dunes.

Room for 6 more. OPur desert transport was far from ideal for Judes broken arm.