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Cape Town & Shark dive

Location: Gaansbai, South Africa

The shark dive took place at 'Shark Alley' near Dyer Island about 3 miles off the Cape coast - recently featured on TV in Celebrity Shark Bait.

It was closer and bigger than it looks - Gulp!!!

Great idea Pip! make like a seal and get in an under water shopping trolley!

"Here sharky sharky"....... the reason we're hanging on is the holes in the bottom of the cage were the same size as the top - big enough for your leg to go through!!

12 feet long, 1.5 tons, 140+ razor sharp teeth, 2000lb/sq inch biting pressure...... 6 feet away!!!

Those 'rocks' in the sea are 40ft long Southern Right whales and they came within about 30 yds of the beach. We could hear them blowing and even heard that weird whale noise you hear on TV

The slightly more sedate view from our room.