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Sky Dive

Location: Swakopmund, Namibia

Ground Rush Adventures provided the chance for a free fall sky dive from 10,200 feet above the Skeleton Coast on the Atlantic seabord of Namibia. Trouble is I am terrified of heights. They supplied all the safety gear except one item - A Nappy!

On a wave and a prayer!

Pip's fear of heights was doing strange things to his head - Felicities lucky Hat really would not do much good if he hit the ground at 150mph from 10,000ft

Push starting the plane did not fill us with confidence about our transport - bloody good job we were wearing parachutes I guess

the long walk to 10,000 feet

'Aaagghhh!' - 10,150ft to go! The b*@!*rd said take your hands off your face I'll jump on 1.......honest....5, 4, 3"
We went on 3. Very Funny Paul!

Paul was so full of understanding about Pip's fear of heights ..."Ooooohh scary! Pip - Dont be a nonce - it's only 2 1/2 miles down you chicken!" said Paul the sympathetic instructor.

In free fall no one can hear you scream!

Heading face first into mother Earth at 150 mph Pip suddenly thought of something sensible to say ......."Our Father, who art in Heaven...."...

Judes last moment hook turn seemed a bit harsh at 200 feet.

Red Bull gives you wings ....... does it b*ll*cks!!

Pure 100% Adrenalin.

Thanks Paul & Paul for the best 7 mins 35 seconds of fun you can have with your clothes on. A NEVER to be forgotten moment

From Terror Firmly to Terra firma