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Botswana, Chobe NP

Location: Chobe, Botswana

Chobe is about half the size of Etosah at 11,000 sq km and borders the wide Chobe River. It has a population of about 50,000 elephants that causes staggering damage. Parts of it are like a war zone with trees layed flat and stripped bare.

Chobe River elephants, part of a large herd of about 30.

1 of 3 young Bulls in a batchelor herd. He stood is ground as our truck edged forward.

Mud Glrious Mud!

African Fish Eagle

Africas most dangerous animal and biggest people killer.

look at the size of it's paws!!!!

The young elephant died the previous night from anthrax

The White Nile gets stuck in the sand outside Maun, Botswana

Nice! We were 15 feet away in an open sided truck