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Okovango Delta

Location: Okovanga Delta, Botswana

The Okovango Delta is the end of the Okovango
River that flows in land and emties into the Kalahari Desert instead of emptying imnto the sea like most rivers.It is unique and is teaming with wildlife.

Our 'Delta bush camp. Elephant droppings are all around the camp

A scarily large elephant footprint makes the upcoming Mokoro ride through the delta that much more exciting

Pip & Jude in a Mokoro made from a single piece of tree trunk.

Dinner cooked on the bush camp fire.

The Great White Hunter admires his trophy!!!
Actually it was brought down by lions a fews weeks previously and absolutely stinks!

A Game walk - Gunnedah's rainbow hat is cunningly camoflaged so it does not stand out!... and Garth (our driver) with a gun??? - where have you hidden that riffle on the truck for the last 2 weeks!!!

Pip in full bush camouflage. From this low down you just pray an elephant doesn't appear at the water.

Just perfect!!! ... but the hyena will soon shatter our peaceful sleep.

The Delta from the air. We flew 100 miles into it at 300 feet. Awesome

A much needed cold beer after 2 days in the bush and a very nervous night with hyena stalking the camp.

Smile Jude - a literal 'wing' mirror view of our own plane. That's Jude in the front seat.