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Victoria Falls

Location: Livingston, Zambia

Mosi O Tunya is the local name - meaning 'The smoke that thunders'. Victoria Falls to us. Either way DrLivingstone was right - "A sight so beautiful as this must have been gazed upon by Angels in their flight!"

The happy couple.

A true champagne moment !

The booze has gone to pips head along with Felicities hat....again.

Right!...time to party on a sunset cruise on the Zambezi . Go girls!!! (Allison, Jude, Heather)

Living on the edge - literally

Last orders and the usual binge drinking - Brits Abroad but we are celebrating so it's allowed

Bath time Zambezi style.....this was the ultimate jacuzzi!!

Brave as a lion or mad as a hatter??? - either way I had a sleepless night after this and am still terrified of heights.

So the end of a raainbow DOES exist!!! Proof at last.

The top of the falls in the Devils Pool

Sunset over a dry season falls

Jude and the craziest man we'll ever meet - Omega - the man who stood 350ft up on the edge of the falls and back flipped over us into the Devils Pool.