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Zanzibar - The Spice Island

Location: Nungwi, Zanzibar, Tanzania

Zanzibar was the centre of the slave and spice trade for centuries but nbo spice production has been mainly lost to the far east and tourism is the biggest industry - and the beaches and sea make it easy to see why.

View from our's a beach!

Our little seaside bungalow (arrowed) overlooking the Indian Ocean

An early evening fisherman passes by our balcony as we were sipping a G&T. HAPPY DAYS!

Simon doing a dolphin impression

A curious local wondering why there is a minibus full of people sniffing a spice trees.

The hardest decision of the day - 'what to have for lunch?'

Nutmeg! I thought it grew in a screw top bottle.

Friday evening 'rush' hour in Stone Town... a mad local throws himself of the 'harbour' wall.

sadly, 1 month early and only half way through the trip we have to leave Stone Town for a rapid return tol Blighty. But we leave Africa 'richer' for the incredible experiences we have had there.....Africa!! Loved it!!

Pip was enjoying his 'shisa' pipe sooooo much he completely missed the spectacular meteor shower behind him ....mmm??? What WAS in that pipe?