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Fraser Island P.1

Location: Fraser Island, Australia

21 Oct 2005, 12:06AM

Free beer given to us by a group of Aussie guys as a way of apology. Earlier on they speeded past our truck as we were crossing a creek. The passenger side window in the front was rolled down, so all three people sitting in the front were soaked!

20 Oct 2005, 8:54PM

Champagne Pools

21 Oct 2005, 5:07PM

The Fraser Island group. Back row: Jose, Hofit, Laura, Becky, Marcie, Emily & Mathieu (from Holland). Front row: Shik (from Israel), Laura, Me, Rudy. This photo was taken by the Aussie guys who splashed our truck. The guy taking this photo was so drunk, he kept trying to take the pictures with the camera upside down. In the end, he only managed to successfully take a picture with 2 out of the 4 cameras!