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Fraser P.2

Location: Australia

20 Oct 2005, 3:58PM

The Maheno shipwreck. Very smelly.

20 Oct 2005, 2:13PM

Jumping off a sand dune at Lake Wabby

21 Oct 2005, 2:53PM

View of the northern tip of Fraser

20 Oct 2005, 4:17PM

Laura at the Pinnacles

22 Oct 2005, 10:08AM

Lake Boomanjin - the 'tea coloured lake'

21 Oct 2005, 3:00PM

Mathieu providing entertainment for the tour bus which gave us a lift from Champagne Pools to our truck, saving us from a long and wet walk. Mathieu started off with a Dutch song, that turned into a commentary on our surroundings, and ended with him beatboxing. Everyone gave him a big cheer and so he kind of paid for our lift.