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Byron Bay

Location: Byron Bay, Australia

28 Oct 2005, 6:00PM

The communal kitchen in the Arts Factory. In Thailand we were able to eat out all the time at a very cheap price, but not so in Australia. So we carry these green bags around with us filled with our food and use the communal kitchens that all hostels provide. Hanging out in the kitchen is a good way to meet people. Sometimes we'll score some free food from someone whose leaving.

27 Oct 2005, 2:49PM

The main beach. It was really windy on this day. That night there was a massive storm. Lots of lighting which was flashing alarmingly close!

29 Oct 2005, 11:20AM

On our final day in Byron we took a long walk along the beach. This led to the northernmost part of the Australian mainland, which I'm standing on when I took this picture. We were told that its a good place to spot whales and dolphins, but we didn't see any that day.