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Blue Mnts & Jenolan Caves

Location: Australia

On Tuesday Oct 1 we took a day trip in the Blue Mountains, about a 2hr train ride from Sydney. We took a 2 hour long coach journey and stopped at various lookout points. The area is really beautiful. The mountains look blue because of the Eucalyptus trees. They release oil into the air and this reflects the blue light more, so that the mountains appear blue. In the afternoon we went to the Jenolan Caves. For 2hrs we toured the Lucas Cave, the largest cave there.

1 Nov 2005, 1:43PM

Archway near entrance of Jenolan Caves

1 Nov 2005, 11:34AM

Govett's Leap - 180 metre single drop waterfall

1 Nov 2005, 3:07PM

Jenolan Caves - the broken column. A stalactite & stalagmite grew towards each other creating a column. Then the rock holding the stalagmite shifted and their happy union ended.

1 Nov 2005, 1:53PM

Carlotta's Arch

1 Nov 2005, 3:36PM

One of the largest stalactites in Lucas Cave