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Milford Sound

Location: Milford Sound, New Zealand

On Wed (2nd day in Queenstown) we hired a car and drove to Milford Sound - named a Sound by European Explorers, but its actually a fjord as the water filled valley was carved out by a glacier. A sound is a valley that has fallen below sea level. The drive there is absolutely stunning and the fjord itself is also beautiful. When we arrived in Muilford, we boarded a catamaran and cruised around the fjord up to the entrance of the Tasman Sea. During the cruise we saw dolphins, penguins & seals.

16 Nov 2005, 9:22AM

Milford Sound: Bowen Falls near the end of the sound - 165 metres

16 Nov 2005, 8:19AM

A Kea - a cheeky mountain parrot. They can be very bold and steal the food out of your hand. This one was quite time. It just walked around and made little noises that sounded like it was saying' kea'.