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Walkabout Bar

Location: Newquay, Cornwall, UK

Walkabout bar, live band, tight pants, good times...

Prepair for complete intoxication (nice shot jono)

The eve is nigh my friends, let us go...

Hes bloody special!!!

How did he make it all this way in those trousers he asks himself!!!

Why is he wearing glasses indoors, in the dark at night? (new meaning of beer goggels)

Jono gives the love, I got carried away ;) LOL

Tom thinks abot his next line! Random girl is quite drunk but we like her :)

1/2 1950's, 1/2 redneck. Fosters hat won by tom, stolen by me :)

Suddenly people start joining us on the dance floor!

The old buys are the 1st ones up.

We've done enough damage guys, lets go home :) or at least get a kebab!

Ok this is just a joke i'm squased but she looks as if shes enjoying my hand on her bum ;) She did!