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devided we fall... over

Location: Newquay, Cornwall, UK

Chris and Tom got invited to a beach party but as it was raining Me Jono and Guv decided to go and drink in the Newquay Inn (its an in as there is a place to tether a horse hehehe)

The found a whale on the beach... quick, somebody call green peace.

some early morning surfing in less then comfortable conditions...

what you lookin at???

The whale strikes back and eats one of the unsuspecting surfers right up!

errrrr...... this is not what it looks like!!!

Ya had to go that extra step!!!

badger, badger, badger

to the dance floor!!!

Thats enough guys.

some random dancing bloke after the beast with the brests in that pink :) beer goggles but for whom???

Ok, that realy is enough :)