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North East Queensland

Location: North East Queensland, Australia

A few photos of our travels to the Rainforest

7 Dec 2005, 1:30AM

Lucky the Estuarine Crocodile (he's there if you look closely)

7 Dec 2005, 1:37AM

Daintree River

8 Dec 2005, 1:36AM

Relaxing in the Myall Creek (just up the river from where the crocs hang out)

8 Dec 2005, 12:44AM

Commanchee and Jana (with Simon and Emma)

8 Dec 2005, 11:58AM

Boyd's Dragon during our night walk in the Rainforest

8 Dec 2005, 2:20AM

Golden Orb Spider as big as a hand

9 Dec 2005, 5:28AM

The Daintree World Heritage National Park